Friday, May 29, 2009

Thanks For Having Me, Tewksbury Elementary!

I had a wonderful time today visiting Mrs. Bristow's 3rd grade class and Ms. Grube's & Ms. Novello's 4th grade class.
They asked EXCELLENT questions and were a FANTASTIC audience. BRAVO!!

I told them where I got my ideas:

  • My brain just works that way.
  • I just want to know the whole story. So I make it up.
  • History whispers to me all the time.
  • Nothing is more interesting than real life.
  • I've got a good imagination.
  • Something I see will inspire me.
  • God sends me a story.
  • Something I read makes me want to write more.
  • If you can tell the story, you might as well write it down.

I also gave them some writing tips:

  • If it's boring to write about, it's probably boring to read about.
  • Everyone hates to edit. Stop whining and just do it.
  • Don't try to copy someone else. Develope your own style.
  • I'm really sorry to tell you this. Practice really does make perfect.
  • Learn to value feedback. It will only help you get better.

Do you remember what the TMIT were in writing?
The Two Most Important Things:

  • An original voice.
  • Good editing.

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